Dear Valued Client,

as 2018 is coming to a close, tis the season and time to again to thank you for the partnership and show our appreciation of the growing opportunities which come our way, by supporting your efforts in serving your.
The coating industry has weathered a number of challenges in this past year but also surprisingly, very successful for most people I am connected.

Novaresine is completing the 9th year with satisfaction for valuable performances. 2019 will be focused on You Valued Client with rejuvenate attitude for our traditional assets: People with the tools to efficiently and effectively service you at the highest level, Process constantly enhancing our technology, Products with high quality.

In summary what I am trying to say is that You Client have been responsible in directing our efforts and the real force fueling our growth, and we intend to remain a responsible industry leader and a

I hope that I will have the opportunity to communicate – or even better to meet – with all of you this coming year to keep our business relationship and/or friendship at a high level.
All the best this holiday season, and a very exciting, healthy and prosperous 2019!


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