The range of Novalkyd alkyd resins covers all industrial coating needs, related to the geographical area and the application type. Thanks to the variety of oils used, the long and medium oil alkyd resins allow producing top-quality enamels and paints for brush application on wood and metal. The short oil alkyd resins find application in one- and two-component wood primers and topcoats and in high-performance coatings in terms of durability and flexibility of use for the industry to coat from tanks to machinery components. Great application flexibility: spray, roller and immersion. Moreover, the integration with the Novathix thixotropic resins allows formulating excellent non-drip gloss and matt enamels for vertical surfaces. Specific Novalkyd resins also allow preparing coloured pastes and converters for tintometric systems for both the industry and the large-scale retail trade.Finally, we offer a wide range of resins with a high solid content that allow removing the volatile content of coatings in compliance with the European standards.

Wide range of alkyd resins Novalkyd able to meet all the needs of the industrial painter linked to the geographical area and the type of application.The long and medium oil resins, thanks to the variety of oils used, allow the production of enamels and varnishes brush of excellent quality, for wood and metal. The resins are used in short oil funds and wood finishes, mono and bi-component, and in paints, high-performance, in terms of durability and flexibility of use, for the industry, the coating tank to machinery components. Great flexibility of applications: spray, roll and dive. Integration with resins thixotropic Novathix also allows to formulate excellent glossy and matt glazes for vertical surfaces with strong sag resistance. To consider also the wide range of resins with high solid content that allow to break down in volatile content of coatings complying with the new European regulations. Of note, finally, the availability of water-based resins (Novacqua) and resins with urethane and epoxy modifications (lines Novatan and Novater), especially designed for the industrial sector.